Unexpected benefits of having an ostomy

Recently, a member of an online ostomy forum asked about the “fun perks” of having an ostomy. I know it’s not all sunshine & roses, but sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves there can be an upside too (in addition to saving our lives). Here are some of the responses:

  • Never having to use a porta potty (particularly on a cold day).
  • Being able to poo or empty a pouch in a car or on a fishing boat.
  • Not having to squat behind a tree when camping.
  • Having a built-in handwarmer.
  • Not having to spend the whole day in the bathroom. One member reported that she used to spend so much time in there, she finished her education online and got a Masters degree!
  • No more hemorrhoids.
  • No more worries about passing gas in your sleep, when you’re not alone.
  • Pooping during board meetings.
  • The sweet revenge of being able to “vent” your bag to annoy siblings, particularly in a closed car with the windows rolled up.
  • Saving money on toilet paper.
  • Preparing for a colonoscopy (SO much easier with a bag!).
  • My personal favourite: “I can answer emails, pay bills online, hold a conversation, and take a poo while waiting in the longest, slowest checkout lines.”