Ostomy Apps



This app was designed for medical professionals and caregivers such as stoma nurses, but it contains lots of useful information for ostomates too – like a step-by-by-step guide for how to correctly care for a stoma, tips on how to quickly identify and treat sore skin and leakage, and a glossary explaining commonly used words.

Unfortunately, it seems to be available for iPhones and iPads only at the moment.



This colour- and picture-driven program was developed by wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nurses “to help bedside nurses deliver quality, safe, and consistent ostomy care.”  For example, it helps nurses assess stoma and peristomal skin issues, develop treatment plans for patients, and provide ostomy tips for discharged patients.



This handy and well-reviewed app will help you stay organized. It keeps track of which supplies you used and when, how many you have left on hand, your order history for supplies, your output frequency and consistency, and when you next need to change your appliance.



Ostomy 101 Inc is a non-profit organization in California that supports people who’ve had ostomy or continent diversion surgery. Their app provides educational videos and articles, a stoma assessment guide, practical lifestyle tips, and much much more. They refer to this vendor-neutral app as “the only app in the world to put everything you need in one place.”



Stomawise, an ostomy support charity in the UK, developed this app for travelers to show to airport security. It contains an explanation (in 8 languages) that the person carrying this certificate has an ostomy, what that means, how he/she should be examined, if necessary, and what supplies they may be carrying.

It also includes support for customers of Fittleworth, a UK-based prescription delivery service, who may need emergency supplies while travelling. But you don’t need to be a customer to download the app and use its handy travel certificate.


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