About me

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I first got a temporary ileostomy in 2013, following surgery for rectal cancer. In 2015. that was changed to a permanent colostomy. I’ve had two hernia repair surgeries (so far) and a Barbie butt. I live in Montreal, Canada (three cheers for national healthcare!).

With a background in writing/researching for TV documentaries and screenwriting for TV animated series, my natural inclination is to research the hell out of things and then write about them, with a touch of humour. Even in the darkest times, I think a sick sense of humour can often be the best medicine. 

I’ve written a book of tips on living with a bowel ostomy, gleaned from my own personal experience and the experiences of so many others. This site will hopefully provide even more information and help spread the message that living with a stoma can be a positive, life changing – and life saving – experience.

Joan Scott