A Guide to Living with a Urostomy (15 pages) – A very helpful publication from The  Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET), including pre-op preparation and post-op expectations.

Leaving Hospital Following Urostomy Surgery (24 pages) – Mississauga Halton LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) of Ontario, Canada has produced this very helpful information booklet. It’s well illustrated and includes advice on taking care of your urostomy, changing pouches, etc., as well as good information on financial assistance and resources available in Ontario and/or Canada.

Life After Your Urostomy (13 pages) – This is a nice booklet published by Coloplast. It covers pouching systems and issues around returning to daily life with a urostomy.

Surgical Options for Bladder Diversion (2 pages) – a nice little booklet published by United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA), comparing 3 bladder diversion options – ileal/colon conduit, continent urinary reservoir, and neobladder.

Urostomy: A practical guide to stoma care (12 pages) – a very readable and comprehensive booklet published by CliniMed, a UK-based company that markets and distributes a range of medical products, specializing in stoma care, urology, and wound care.

Urostomy Guide (25 pages) – The UOAA has also produced this comprehensive guide about managing and living with a urostomy.

Urostomy Guide (15 pages) – This booklet provides a really good overview of urostomies – different types of urostomies and pouching systems, and how to care for them. It’s published by the American Cancer Society.

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