A Patient’s Guide to Ostomy Reversal (11 pages) – A good guide published by Vancouver Coastal Health. Great tips on what to expect after reversal surgery and guidelines on gradually increasing your activity.

Reversal of your Ileostomy or Colostomy Stoma (9 pages) – This is another guide published by Vancouver Coastal Health – very similar to the one above, with some repetition – but some differences too. Together, they form a pretty comprehensive patient guide to ostomy reversals.

Reversal of Stoma (Ileostomy or Colostomy) (16 pages) – An information booklet prepared by the North Bristol NHS Trust for patients who may be undergoing reversals.

Stoma Reversal (16 pages) – A good information booklet published by Colostomy UK about what to expect before and after stoma reversal surgery. Part I is a surgeon’s perspective and Part II is a nurse’s – so it covers both the medical and practical angles.

Understanding Stoma Reversal (28 pages) – Published by the Irish Stoma and Colorectal Nurses Association, this is a thorough overview of why and when stoma reversals are considered, and offers important pre- and post-op advice.

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