A Patient’s Guide to Ostomy Reversal (20 pages) – A good guide published by Vancouver Coastal Health. Great tips on what to expect after reversal surgery and guidelines on gradually increasing your activity.

Reversal of a Temporary Stoma or Loop Ileostomy / Loop Colostomy (4 pages) – A brief but informative guide for patients, published by the UK’s Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Reversal of your Ileostomy or Colostomy Stoma (9 pages) – This is another guide published by Vancouver Coastal Health – very similar to the one above, with some repetition – but some differences too. Together, they form a pretty comprehensive patient guide to ostomy reversals.

Reversal of Stoma (Ileostomy or Colostomy) (16 pages) – An information booklet prepared by the North Bristol NHS Trust for patients who may be undergoing reversals.

Stoma Reversal (16 pages) – A good information booklet published by Colostomy UK about what to expect before and after stoma reversal surgery. Part I is a surgeon’s perspective and Part II is a nurse’s – so it covers both the medical and practical angles.

Understanding Stoma Reversal (28 pages) – Published by the Irish Stoma and Colorectal Nurses Association, this is a thorough overview of why and when stoma reversals are considered, and offers important pre- and post-op advice.

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