Diet Guidelines for People with a Colostomy (10 pages) – This is a well organized and easy to follow guide, with tips for eating and drinking with a colostomy, both immediately post-surgery and long term. It’s published by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.

Diet and nutrition when you have an ileostomy (4 pages) – A complement to their guide to ileostomy surgery, St. Joseph’s Heathcare Hamilton has published this handy summary of a healthy diet for ileostomates.

Eating Well after Ileostomy Surgery (4 pages) – A nice summary of what to eat (and not eat) after ostomy surgery, prepared by the Alberta Health Services.

Eating with an Ostomy; A Comprehensive Nutrition Guide for Those Living with an Ostomy (76 pages) – Everything you need to know, from dietary guidelines to how medications are absorbed in different kinds of ostomies. Published by the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA).

Healthy Eating: Nutritional guidelines for people who have a stoma (12 pages) – another good resource of Colostomy UK.

Nutritional advice after bowel surgery (12 pages) – a very readable and comprehensive booklet published by CliniMed, a UK-based company that markets and distributes a range of medical products, specializing in stoma care, urology, and wound care.

Nutrition after Ileostomy (16 pages) – guidelines for staying healthy after ileostomy surgery, published by Vancouver Coastal Health. Includes a sample menu, a section on medications, and lots of other good tips.

Nutritional Management of High Ostomy Outputs (3 pages) – A small but informative guide published by Niagara Health, a healthcare provider in Ontario, Canada. It explains how to modify your diet to better manage high output.

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