A Guide to Living with an Ileostomy (25 pages) – A very helpful publication from the NSWOCC (Nurses Specialized in Would, Ostomy and Continence Canada), including pre-op preparation and post-op expectations. This is the updated 2nd edition, published in 2022.

Having an Ileostomy: A Primer for New Ostomates (21 pages)Published by The Cleveland Clinic Foundation for ileostomy patients. It’s several years old, but the information is solid, it covers a broad range of topics, it’s clearly written, and really well illustrated. They did a great job on this!

High Ostomy Output (4 pages) – This is a small guide put together by UW Health of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s got some good information about medications to help slow down output, and recipes for drinks to replace fluids and electrolytes. The last page is a handy chart you can use to monitor your intake and output.

High Output Ileostomies: The Stakes are Higher than the Output (11 pages) – Intended for clinicians, this detailed look at management of high output ileostomies would be of equal interest to individuals who want to avoid dehydration and/or kidney injury. It’s part of a series of Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology published in the University of Virginia’s Practical Gastroenterology Journal.

Ileostomy: A practical guide to stoma care (34 pages) – a very readable and comprehensive booklet published by CliniMed, a UK-based company that markets and distributes a range of medical products, specializing in stoma care, urology, and wound care.

Ileostomy Care: A Guide for Home Care Clinicians (9 pages) – As the title suggests, this informative article from the May/June 2019 issue of Home Healthcare Now is intended for caregivers of ileostomates, and focuses on complications and treatments. Free access to the article is available by clicking “Download” on the left margin, and then choosing the PDF option.

Ileostomy Guide (31 pages) – United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) has produced this excellent guide about managing and living with an ileostomy.

Ileostomy surgery and your care (38 pages) – A good overall guide published by St. Joseph’s Heathcare Hamilton, in Canada. Everyone facing or recovering from ileostomy surgery should be given a guide like this,

Leaving Hospital Following Ileostomy Surgery (28 pages) – Mississauga Halton LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) of Ontario, Canada has produced this very helpful information booklet. It’s well illustrated and includes advice on taking care of your ileostomy, changing pouches, etc., as well as good information on financial assistance and resources available in Ontario and/or Canada.

Life After Your Ileostomy (25 pages) – This is a nice booklet published by Coloplast. It covers diet, pouching systems, and issues around returning to daily life with an ileostomy.

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