Diagnosis and Management of Parastomal Hernias (5 pages) – This is an article from a medical journal, published in 2019. It’s most easily read by and intended for medical professionals obviously, but if you want a better understanding of the different surgical techniques used to repair hernias, you’ll find it here, along with some helpful illustrations.

Parastomal Hernia: Incidence, prevention and treatment strategies (4 pages) – This is the full text of an excellent article that appeared in the British Journal of Nursing in 2008, written by a Stoma/Coloproctology Nurse Specialist.

Parastomal Hernias (12 pages) – Another great guide produced by Colostomy UK. This one’s about the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of parastomal hernias.

Preventing Peristomal Hernia (4 pages) – A very helpful guide published by the University of Michigan Health System, containing prevention tips for both pre- and post-surgery.


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