Active Health Institute presentation (5 pages) – The Ottawa Ostomy Support group has made available this well illustrated guide to core stabilization and general strengthening exercises for people who’ve had ostomies, based on a presentation by a Registered Physiotherapist.

Active Ostomates: Sport and Fitness After Stoma Surgery (24 pages) – Produced by Colostomy UK, this is a great guide to the kinds of exercise and physical activities recommended for ostomates.

Exercises for Ostomates (3 pages) – This is a nicely illustrated guide produced by the Ileostomy & Internal Pouch Associated of the UK. The series of exercises were devised by a registered physiotherapist who has an ileostomy, and are designed for anyone who’s had surgery leading to a ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy, or internal pouch.

Your Guide to Recovery after Ostomy Surgery (36 pages) – Written by Sarah Russell, a Clinical Exercise Specialist who has an ostomy, this guide was produced by Convatec and Me+. It provides very detailed instructions, accompanied by good illustrations, and explanations why these exercises can be so helpful, both pre- and post-surgery.

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