Children & teens

Growth and Development Issues in Adolescents With Ostomies: A Prmer for the WOC Nurses (7 pages) – This article first appeared in a 2012 issue of the Journal of Wound Ostomy & Continence Nursing. It’s a great overview of the unique needs and experiences of adolescents with ostomies.

The Ostomy Toolkit: Gutsy Living with a Little Gutsy Help (19 pages) – is a resource specifically for young people, produced by ImproveCareNow – a US-based collaborative community of clinicians, researchers, parents, and patients working to transform the health, care, and costs for children and adolescents with Crohn’s disease and IBD.

Sam has a Stoma (11 pages) – a colouring book for children, produced by the Colostomy Association in the UK.

Teen Chat: You and Your Ostomy (19 pages) – a nice pamphlet produced by the Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) in the US. Covers everything from how ostomies work and what to expect after surgery to how to transition back to normal activities.

Teen with a Stoma (44 pages) – In this booklet produced by Dansac (a Danish ostomy supply company), 3 teens share their stories, revealing how they overcame issues and what’s it like to have a stoma at this age.

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