Blocked stoma/bowel obstruction: a simple guide (2 pages) – a handy little article by a Senior Stoma Care Nurse Specialist in the UK. I like that she’s addressed ileostomy blockages and colostomy blockages separately.

Bowel Obstructions: How to Know if You Have One, and What to Do Before You Call the Doctor (3 pages) – An informative article written by Gwen Turnbull, a Certified Enterostomal Therapy Nurse. She explains the causes and symptoms of blockages, and what to do about them, in clear language.

How to Treat Ileostomy Blockage (2 pages) – This is a small but critical resource for anyone who may be suffering from an ileostomy blockage. One page details how to manage it at home, and when to seek medical help. The second page should be printed out and taken with you – to inform emergency room staff (who may not be specially trained to deal with ostomies) what procedures they should follow. This is another great publication of the UOAA.

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